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11.75MB 10 February 2019
Today’s Industry and Finding Your Fans, with Todd McCarty 48:37
The Evolution Of The New Business w/ Ari Herstand 08:55
Top ten business books in the world। Books every entrepreneurs/businessmen must read । 2019 01:56
How Prince Made $10 Million from One Album With No Label! 05:36
10 Great Idea of Business - #2 What do you need to know before open a MB 23:55
How Cassie Sold 650,000 Albums with 650k followers 07:04
WHYIANS NEED TO OWN THEIR MASTERS: The Truth About Major Labels 12:57
Data Analytics in the Business | Berklee Online | Course Overview | Liv Buli | Education 02:10
How To Make $250,000+ Per Year Selling YOUR!!! 08:36
Ari Herstand Talks How to Make It in the New Business, Record Labels and More! 41:40
How Rick Rubin Helps The Biggest Artists Make The Best Songs 10:55
Music Business Hacks for DIY Artists:  REAL TALK on Growing Your Career with Simon Tam 55:03
Selling Your On Your Own Website | Avoid This Deadly Mistake 10:51
The ULTIMATE GUIDE To PR Forians In 2021 13:06
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